Stiftung Fairfond


The dominant narrative of our health system is the explosion of costs. Although we have indeed noticed a marked increase in health care costs, we can only speak of an explosion in overheads: Over the past 30 years, the costs of overheads have risen about 30 times faster than the costs of medical treatment and care – the real purpose of our health care system. Despite this, new control instruments are being introduced into our healthcare system to curb these costs. Which means that overheads are becoming more and more bloated. A vicious circle that the Fairfond Foundation wants to break with its commitments.



The Fairfond Foundation is committed to clarity with its operative arm, the Swiss Ethics and Medicine Association VEMS. Control instruments are validated for their usefulness. The question “Can we afford an anti-social healthcare system?” takes up the narrative of an inappropriate rationing and turns it around: A social health system is also a cost-efficient one. Because it promotes preventive medicine that compresses the burden of disease to the last years of life.



For more than ten years, the BGKS has provided the secretariat for the Fairfond Foundation and its operative arm, the Swiss Association for Ethics and Medicine (VEMS). We coordinate the work on position papers, press releases and articles. We implement the contents of a top-class interdisciplinary foundation board verbally. We organise symposia and moderate working groups with experts from medicine, ethics, economics, sociology, law and statistical mathematics. We are pleased to refer to the following position papers: Position Paper on Communication in Health Care, Thesis Paper for a New Optimism in Medicine and Position Paper on Smarter Medicine and Choosing Wisely.



In recent years, the Fairfond Foundation and the VEMS have established themselves as a voice for an enlightened, rational approach to the challenges facing our healthcare system. The BGKS, on the other hand, offers this commitment insights unlike any other advertising agency and a network of first-class experts.