We are all familiar with the seductive stories that a financially potent tobacco industry is telling us. They are stories that communicate feelings of freedom, self-determination and independence with the blue haze of rebellion. The facts are different: tobacco addicts are not free, not self-determined, and they are not rebels anyway.



At its core, tobacco advertising conveys enjoyment. We do not oppose this narrative, we take it up and build the counter narrative from it, condensed in the headline “The last cigarette tastes best”.



BGKS has given the name and conceptual input to a project for tobacco prevention for young women for the Lungenliga beider Basel. The Lungenliga beider Basel makes a unique offer: In workshops, young women not only learn what smoking does, they also see it – with pictures of themselves, how they will look in 20 years’ time, with and without smoking. We have set up a lifestyle Internet platform, developed a poster and advertising campaign, below-the-line measures and a Facebook game.



The feelreal project was able to reach its target group. Some young women even collected our advertisements. What more could you ask for?