Minerva Schulen


The Minerva Schools Basel were perceived as a school for the Matura in second chance education. However, this is only one part of their offer, which ranges from early kindergarten to all school levels.



The common denominator of the Minerva Schools Basel offer is that doors are opened for the pupils. This can be an apprenticeship, a transfer to a secondary school or a course of study.



We have depicted former and current students in front of the room where Minerva Schulen Basel opened the door for them. A swimmer who, thanks to the flexible range of schools on offer, combines professional sport and school. Two dentists who have worked together on the Minerva school bench and are now a couple both professionally and privately. A car mechanic apprentice who was able to improve school weaknesses, which made the apprenticeship possible for him. We have developed a total of nine subjects.



The Minerva Schools Basel have experienced a correction in the perception of their offer, which is now very well anchored at all levels.