We know that Siemens is a large corporation. How attractive Siemens is as an employer not only for engineers but also for humanities scholars is less well known.



We developed a cross-media recruitment campaign for the HR department at Siemens that plays with visions of the future. Posters on the university bulletin board on the left show a portrait with a statement of what the person wants for their future. On the right is a mirror with the question “And what do you want? The text below refers to a microsite and invites you to watch a future film there and send in your own film script. The best one is realised as an animated film, and the author wins a prize.



BGKS conceived, created and implemented the print and online campaign. Together with the HR department, we developed a script in which all areas of Siemens appear – and the visions for the future that Siemens has in them. The protagonist Werner erlebt goes through a world in which technology supports people in all areas.



Although a journalist wrote the text, Siemens baited managers with a cartoon. But that didn’t change the fact that the campaign was very well received, the vision was looked at and scripts were sent in. At the Worldmedia Festival in Hamburg we won a Silver Award for this work.