Timothy Leary made the sentence in the picture known in the seventies, an era that ploughed up some social frames and social narratives. Today, anyone can follow the maxim, anytime, anywhere.

Turn on: know it

Whatever your budget, whatever the size of your resources: Your story is one of many – in the cloud and in the rain it pours out on reality. How good is your knowledge of the narratives that are relevant to your cause? How much do you know about the frames in which you could move? This is the first step: knowing what is told about you – and could be told.

Tune in: empathize with it

With some stories told about your cause, it may be difficult to take them seriously. However, you may not be able to get them out of the world simply by holding the truth against them. You have to deconstruct and decipher them to crack their emotional DNA. This is the second step: not only to understand what is said about you, but also to empathize with it.

Drop out: work with it

On the basis of the work of phase one and two an exciting story can be developed. This should sharpen and dramatize your concern. It should work across all media and not be thought out of the logic of a particular channel. And it should be open as a framework story for own interpretations and stories – within positive frames.